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Our general rules in the exchange of information between our mailing list members are to follow the Universal Principles and Laws. We ask our members to be non-judgmental, not to condemn, and to respect each other's opinion, to use the power of discernment, and to recognize that whatever happens has a higher purpose for the good of all.

Light Network

Network: A world wide Network of volunteers and independent researchers.
An exchange of information and experiences, which are not or hardly found or published in
the mass media ( TV, Radio, Newspapers etc.) out of a deep sense for justice, freedom and peace.

NOTE: The Network of Light Visualization Project aboard of the Celestial Voyageur is
an ongoing independent Project under the sole responsibility of Light Network-without
any attachment, dependency or obligation to any religion, belief system, church,
commercial or official organization, person or persons.

Light Network is an educational non-commercial website promoting and sharing information
in alignment with the Planetary, Galactic and Universal Laws out of love and gratitude
for Creator and Creation for the good of All.

Honoring all known and unknown caring and sharing people and those in service to Self
who have and are dedicating their time to help our fellow human beings to become aware
as to Who We Really Are.

Light Network
Holland, the 18th of September 2000


Spiral Eyes

Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties

Keeping an Eye on Big Brother´s Agenda


Living on Light

The purpose of this e-group is to come in contact with people who are living on light.
To exchange information and to share experiences.

We invite you to visit our Living on Light file