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The Law of Light is the Law of the illumination of that which is Spirit, the spark of Spirit that burns in all things at all levels, and the seeking of Light is that which is the Law of Light. The Law of Light is to seek the Divine spark of brilliance that lies within all, that is the expression of Divine Source as it illuminates itself to guide itself home. This is the Law of Love manifesting in the Law of Light, an expression and addition to the concept of Love being an universal principle as is the Law of Light an universal principle. They are reflections of each other, each Law reflecting the other part of itself. In essence, the Law of Light is the illumination of the Divine as It seeks to guide Itself Home.

Every entity is assumed to be honorable until it shows itself to be otherwise.  Every entity is assumed to be loving until it shows reason to believe otherwise. Every entity is assumed to be truthful until it shows itself to be otherwise.  Every entity is assumed to be intelligent until it shows itself to be otherwise.  The Law of Honor is one wherein the divinity of each creature or each entity recognizes the divinity of the other. However, The Law of Honor can only be honored where honor is recognized.

The Law of Relationship states that all parts or partners are in relationship, though some are close and some remote. A close relationship insists that gears and wheels must mesh in workable arrangement: all hubs, axles, hooks and levers must be properly secured according to any function or relationship arrangement or agreement.

Their driving forces must be derived from a common or compatible source of energy, and any new innovations, arrangements or activities of any part or partner of that relationship must be noted, acknowledged and discussed. Agreements must be made to allow, disallow or re-arrange the relationship to accommodate that change.

Any part or partner suffering excess pressure, pain or friction from the arrangement must learn to squeak and moan to the satisfaction of all parties of the relationship; all parties must have their time for regular lubricating oils of smooth communication. For without the oil of clear communication, even the best relationships will generate friction, grit, dirt, heat and will grind to a screaming halt.

The Law of Relativity is but the relationship of all things understood by the particular viewpoint from which they are seen, (i.e., the Law of Relativity has as its reference point the "I".)

Example: As the experience continues, greater awareness and the desire for more understanding increases. The entity, the force, then begins to probe into the nature of those forces outside of its own control, outside of its own understanding.

As this occurs, the quality of reason, the rational approach, begins to develop. And in this development there comes about that aspect of consciousness which desires to put things in order - to classify, to see things in retrospect, to see things in the order of cause and effect, in the order of polarities, and their relationship to one another and in the order of relative placement and relationship.

The consciousness then begins to observe from a particular viewpoint, and that particular viewpoint brings forth an observation and an understanding of the nature of outside forces which are peculiar to that particular viewpoint. This is the basis for the Law of Relativity, which in simplified terms is but the relationship of all things understood by the particular viewpoint from which they are seen. As the viewpoint shifts, the relative relationship of those things also becomes different.

The train moving at a particular rate of speed in relation to the entity standing beside the tracks is somewhat different from the rate of speed of another train passing in the opposite direction, or of an automobile raveling in the same direction of the train.

The relative viewpoint of an entity looking at an elephant from the front is somewhat different from the entity looking at an elephant from an airplane, from beneath, or from behind the elephant. Each viewpoint is relative, each is accurate, and yet the descriptions will be totally different.

1) To recur, to return upon the start of itself; to be cyclical

2) "Ricorsi" is the pure form of reflection; the turning or bending back of mind upon itself.

The Law of Substance is that which is likened unto an "onion" wherein one layer of description is surrounded by another layer of description, encased within another layer of description, encased within another layer of description, held in the arms of another layer of description, and embraced within another layer of description.

This onion-like substance floats within more layers of description and appears to be reality. Descriptions of any nature intended to change any substance must permeate each layer, one level at a time, until the entire "onion" has been touched and permeated by the new description. At that time the substance will have changed dramatically.

The Law of Substitution states that a part may signify the whole, a genius may be signified by a species, a cause may be signified by an effect, or vice versa. There can be any item substituted for the concept, or any concept substituted for the item, and the substituted article, concept or event can affect that what it was substituted for. Action taken upon the substitute can have an effect upon the other.

Entities earn those gifts which they have, entities evolve by using what they have at hand; and if entities truly seek to have these experiences which are miraculous, then indeed, they must devote their energies, time and lives toward this end.


Judge Not

Be Humble

Never Do Anything Contrary to the Law of Love

Resist Not Evil

Do Nothing Contrary to the Law of Mercy


Paul Shockley, Interpreter
Source booklet "The COSMIC LAWS" of Cosmic Awareness

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