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The Law of Sex is that Law which states that all things shall balance themselves out if left to the Forces of Universal law, as guidance and untampered by mind of a conscious control. Example: Wherein an entity can simply be happy with being who he or she is, the opportunities for interchange between sexes is greatly magnified.

As the opportunities are magnified, the significance of the act itself is minimized. As the opportunities are minimized and it becomes and it becomes more difficult for the entity to have close contact with another from the opposite sex, the significance is magnified. That is the nature of the dilemma known as sex.

The normal way to bridge this dilemma is through fantasy. There are entities whose experiences are such that whenever they wish to become less polarized in their masculine or feminine energy levels, they can easily come together with another and de-polarize by sharing themselves with the other.

This kind of relationship generally evolves to the point wherein such entities no longer even need to engage in the sexual act itself, in order to relieve those polarities of their own being; but by simply coming together in close communication can exchange these levels and energies and move into balance with the other entity and their general situation and circumstances.

Wherein this kind of clear relationship with entities of the opposite sex, or entities close by are not fully experienced by an entity, they then begin feeling themselves apart and separated, and begin to become polarized in the masculine or feminine realm of consciousness and seek to find the de-polarization known as sexual intercourse or sexual exchange, whether it reaches the level of intercourse or not.

This is the normal action of the Universal Forces and as such is in harmony with Universal Forces. That this Law of Sex which states that "all things shall balance themselves out if left to the forces of Universal Law as guidance and untampered by mind of a conscious control."

All forces will balance themselves out. Yet, forces of Universal proportion which are controlled by ideals, desire, moralities, cultures - feelings being imaged and brought into being through the male and female principles and forces - this breakdown of these polarities (wherein "yes" and "no" are being reconciled), this breakdown between the male and female principles in the consciousness of entities upon this and other planes, is that which shall transform the material plane into a plane of spiritual experience whereby the mind has dominion over matter.

For this to occur, the forces which have been in separation, (the male and female principles), wherein there was the waiting and there was the probing and the action of dominance, wherein the male and female principles have been standing apart from one another as through there was a wall separating these, this has created and maintained and held the physical universe as a material reality for thousands, millions, and billions of years in certain areas of your universe.

At this present time these forces are beginning to reconcile. For a reconciliation between male and female forces to occur, there must be that coming together, that sexual interchange between the forces, so that all feelings of difference begin to become less significant and begin to shift, mold and mix together in a blending of male and female forces, so that the separation is no longer apparent.

This is occurring on the human level upon this plane at this time. There are still many entities holding on to their masculine or feminine image for significance in relation to the opposite sex that this polarized image may give them.

Entities experiencing extreme masculine or feminine image generally have very little happiness in terms of their sexual experiences with others, for their image does not allow them to mix with the opposite sex, for they would lose some of their sexual potency.

Wherein the individual, the entity, the vibratory rate, the force, begins to move toward its own personal growth and fruition in expressing itself through its own will and volition, through its own creative energies, there comes about a time wherein that force becomes aware of resistances to its energies whereby the force becomes aware that its energies and its expression are being hindered. This is the beginning of the experience of the Law of Cause and Effect.

The Law of Divine Proclamation states that the ability of an individual to express, speak or proclaim in behalf of the Divine Forces is in direct proportion to the ability of the individual to cease expression, speech or proclamation in behalf of self.

When one learns to express, speak or proclaim as a Divine Being, and to avoid expression, speaking or proclaiming as a self-centered being, at such time the entity becomes the Master of the Language of the Divine.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. In these times (the New Age) opposites no longer attract. You, therefore, attract what you are. If you are sincere, then you will attract same, and so on. As you are -- that is what you attract.

The Law of Chance is that Law that results when the Law of Magic is initiated without being in harmony with the Law of Unity. The Law of Gratitude is that Law which does bring justice and balance for those actions which occur under the Law of Chance.

THE LAW OF CHANGE (Continuation)
There is a Law which governs all things and allow no things to remain unchecked, and allows no checks to remain unchanged. That in anything seen, done, experienced or known, you may look at it and say with absolute certainty: "This, too, will pass."

The Law of Chaos is that Law which states that chaos exists when the observing mind cannot accept what is. The Law of Order exists when the observing mind can accept what is, regardless of the appearance of chaos.

An ancient axiom of Hermetics states: "As above, so below". In ancient times this Law of Correspondence was clearly understood because entities were not bombarded by thought, words and ideas to the extent that they are today. To the ancients this phrase was a clear and meaningful experience.

Prior to the multiplications of words (where few words were used and they were simple), entities knew how to look beyond the words at the meanings, whereby the words stood halfway between the seeker and the sought, and the words themselves were like signposts pointing toward a city, rather than the final destination for the questioner; as in the present time whereby the question is asked and the words are answered, and the answer is the final movement of the mind which perceives no further than the word which was given as an answer.

For the present mind, this Awareness shall elaborate on the true meaning of the Law of Correspondence: "As above, so below". As it is within, so likewise there is a corresponding action without. As it is in the past, so likewise there shall be a corresponding action in the future and in the present. Yet these correspondences are not exact; are distorted, likened unto a reflective mirror which does not have a perfectly flat surface.

As the cycle of one level is in correspondence to the cycle of another level, so likewise the souls of one entity have a correspondence to the souls of humanity, which make up the cells of the body of this Awareness.

The Law of Currency Exchange states that energy flows like water or electricity in currents which may be tapped for use elsewhere, may be exchanged for other energies, or may be stored in containers such as bottles, cups, foods, batteries, notes, valuables, ideas, bodies, properties, words, monies, contracts, friendships, banks, gardens, arrangements, music, titles, talents, and all other areas of consciousness - to be used or exchanged at another time or place.

An excess of energy in a container unable to handle it creates heat, friction, temper, fever, combustion, rashes, rash behavior, an short-circuited, or explosive situation. Containers vary in nature, purpose, durability, dependability, utility and adaptability. They may leak, lose, use, transform, diffuse, absorb, or deplete energies.

Containers may give, take, store or deny energies from others; but energy in movement serves to move other energies. Energy currents are alive, while stored energy is dead until moved. A few small energies, carefully placed, can tap into greater energies in such a way that multitudes are fed, clothed and sheltered, and entire civilizations are raised to higher energy levels at minimal expense to anyone.

(partially defined) - excerpt from Trance Healing
Wherein you are capable of looking at your health and seeing it as it is, and then seeing it change as it becomes better, more to your ideal liking. As you visualize yourself, so you are. This is a matter of how long and how intensely do you see yourself, in what vision. The longer and more intense (this is in terms of the Law of Duration and Density
), then the more substance you have in that new visualization.

As you look to discover what you are and from then begin looking to discover other images of yourself, so you shall change. It is necessary for entities to see themselves as they are, for otherwise they know not what they change from, and toward. Think not in terms of becoming so much, as in terms of being; for when you are imaging something, you image it best by being it.

There is a tendency to move toward that which one identifies, regardless of the positive or negative nature, to the degree and intensity of that identification.

The Law of Information is that Law which states that all information is energy and carries energy, and that all energy is information and carries information. The understanding of this Law explains the principles of the paranormal situation.

The Law of Liberty - Freedom from Karma is a free gift, unearned and unmerited. It is bestowed on the condition of pure surrender to God, and not by works, or karma, lest any man should boast.

Entities following the Law of Motivation, wherein the motivation is the means and the end, may discover the Law of Gratitude returning more quickly to them, with greater abundance, the energy that has been given.

1) Bodies of matter do not alter their motions in any way, except as the result of forces applied to them. A body at rest remains at rest; or if in motion, it continuous to move in the same direction with the same speed, unless a force is impressed upon it.

2) The second Law is made up of two distinct parts: (a) when different forces are allowed to act upon free bodies, the rates at which the momentum changes are proportional to the force applied. (b) the direction of the change in momentum by a force is that line of action of the force.

3) The third Law is that Law that asserts the equality of "action" and the "reaction". That is to say, each action has its equal and opposite reaction.

The Law of Portrayal is that Law which states that any action portrayed cultivates the attitude of that action to the degree and impact of the energy involved in that portrayal, and, with repetition, can mold a real-life character quality that emanates and expresses the qualities of that action, with all of its accompanying feelings, behaviors, and patterns of expression.

The Law of Portrayal states that anyone's gimmick, role or characteristic, when repeatedly used and mastered, may easily become the master of the one who uses it, and may, as habit begin to use that person or personality. The behavioral pattern or characteristic can reinforce itself in patterns of belief until an entire lifestyle and philosophy is built around that role-seed which once originated only as a game, a portrayal or limitation of something or character who exemplified that image.

Paul Shockley, Interpreter
Source booklet "The COSMIC LAWS" of Cosmic Awareness

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