The Importance of Studying the Cosmic Laws

(part 1)

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Interpreter: Paul Shockley

With a foreword by Larry Hansen

Soon after becoming a member of Cosmic Awareness Communication in March 1990, it became evident to me because of a wealth of material which was scattered throughout years of readings, a compilation material on various subjects was needed to be undertaken. I began with the gathering of Cosmic Laws which a Force called Cosmic Awareness has given over the past thirty years. After months of research, close to one-hundred Laws were discovered, and to the best of my knowledge, this work marks the first time that this many Cosmic Laws have appeared in one book.

This book represents a collection of all the Cosmic Laws that I could find during months of research into the Cosmic Awareness material. These Cosmic Laws were delivered by a Consciousness Energy (which has spoken through various Interpreters in a process similar to "channeling" since 1962), has not claimed to be a discarnate entity, has not claimed to be a personality, nor has It claimed to be your "God" which must be worshipped and appeased; It simply describes Itself as a "Frequency", the Ultimate Frequency from which all other frequencies derive their vibrations (ROA-89-13-09). Awareness has also stated that It "Is also the Energy which is next to that which does not speak". (ROA-85-03-02)

In a universe in which everything that exists is made up of vibration, the Consciousness Energy that we address as "Cosmic Awareness" is the Highest Vibration which is surpassed only by "that which does not speak". This Energy does not wish to be confined to any particular name or description for It Is the Universal Intelligence that permeates all things. It makes up all that which we can see (and can't see) even if that matter appears to be inert.

It prefers to be described by the name Cosmic Awareness (among others) because this is the name which cannot be personalized. The Energy which is Awareness has spoken through many Avatars down through the ages, only to seen people become fixated on the personality or symbology of the messenger, and overlook, or distort, or ignore entirely the messages which these Avatars had conveyed. Cosmic Awareness does not wish to see people engage in this kind of fixation on personality, and It now presents Itself as an Energy which cannot be personalized., leaving people (or entities as It call us) to focus and discern entirely on the validity of the messages.

Cosmic Awareness has stated that It is not a personality, It does not have a "body", but It is simply Consciousness and Awareness, and in being such, It does not have the power to directly to intervene in the lives of humans (ROA-85-01-12). It can only act through those who have become open to being "aware" on the physical plane. It can only help people (entities) to become aware, to become conscious of Universal Truths, of Universal Principles. This is were the Cosmic Laws come into the picture.

The term "Law" is sure to be misconstrued by many who survey this material. First, it should be stated that Cosmic Awareness, as being the Highest Frequency in the Universe, is an energy of Pure Love. It does not judge us in any situation, It does not choose sides in any dispute, It loves and blesses all entities, regardless of whether an entity is loving or evil, confident or uncertain, rich or poor. It will not place judgment on any entity, regardless of their sexual preferences or criminal record. Cosmic Awareness loves all entities as part of Itself. It also sees the totality of all events, It does not view any action or event out of context (The Law of Unity).

The term "Cosmic Law" may actually refer to a Cosmic Principle. It is not intended to signify in the sense of: break this law and pay a fine or do jail time. A Cosmic Law (or Principle) is intended to describe certain ways in which the Universe works, so that you may have a better opportunity too integrate with All That Is by understanding the way things are. The Cosmic Laws are simply definitions of the way things are.

Cosmic Awareness addressed this point recently:

"This Awareness indicates that this can be explained in an introductory paragraph, that a principle generally is defined as a rule. A rule is but a lesser law. That there are Laws which are Cosmic in nature and cannot be broken. That entities looking at these Cosmic Laws will see that they cannot be broken because they do not dictate, they simply define. This Awareness indicates that they define the way things are. That anyone who simply attempts to break the Law, will simply find that they are trying to defy reality. This Awareness indicates that it is like an entity trying to break the Law of Cause and Effect; How does one do so? How does one break the Law of Love?"

"This Awareness indicates that these are not designed as Laws to dictate; these are principles. But to call them "principles" gives them less respect, because they are Cosmic principles. It is possible for entities to name whatever they desire. It is possible to call them "Cosmic Principles", if that please the entity.

"The word "Law" itself is not sacred in this regard, but this Awareness wishes entities to understand that man-made laws are subject to Cosmic Laws. That Cosmic Laws have a superiority over man-made laws. That the Law of Cause and Effect is not a man-made law. It was simply discovered and defined, or put into words as a definition of a Cosmic Law. This Awareness indicates it is the same for these other principles."
(Monday July 01, 1991-Akron, Ohio)

In the Law of Awareness, Cosmic Awareness states that Its only limitation exists in the fact that It cannot break (or stray) from Is own Laws. It maintains Its Unlimited Potential by staying within the parameters of the Cosmic Laws. Cosmic Awareness will never dictate to anyone what It thinks should be done, It will only dictate or suggest what course of action may be taken based on how It sees the energies of the situation at that moment. (Awareness has indicated that the future is never fixed); so, it is the same with the Cosmic Laws.

The Law describe principles of reality which expand the awareness of those who study them and take them to heart. They are not intended to dictate to or control entities. They are intended to inform and enlighten entities as to the way things work. There are no hell fires or eternal damnations for those who choose not to pay attention to these principles, (although entities may impede their own progress in life by not applying some of the principles included in this book.)

Cosmic Awareness defined the concept of Cosmic Laws further during a recent reading:

"This Awareness indicates that a Cosmic Law is a Law defining universal realities that are principles unchangeable in nature. To say that everything changes is a Cosmic Law; to say that change is inevitable is a Cosmic Law, because these are Truths that describe absolute reality. But one can also say, in the Universe there is nothing that truly changes. And if one examines this closely enough, it too may be seen as a Cosmic Law , because the changing universe goes on indefinitely without change, being a changing universe.

This Awareness indicates that therefore , Cosmic Laws can become a topic of semantic, of determining what is meant by a term, a word, or a concept. This Awareness indicates that entities in evaluating Cosmic Laws may find that some are partially Cosmic, and partially relative. Relative to definitions of terms, relative to circumstances or relative to conditions.

"This Awareness indicates that circumstances may change and a law may not apply. Some laws apply hypothetically, but if the hypothetical elements are altered, such a law may not longer be applicable, and thus, the law which appeared to be a Cosmic Law in one instance, may not actually be Cosmic in another instance. Therefore, this Awareness suggests that you not take these things too literally and try to build laws and unchangeable rules out of these. These are but statements to assist entities in their understanding of the way things work."

"A true Cosmic Law is one that is inevitable accurate as a definition of the way things are."
(Monday July 01, 1991-Akron, Ohio)

This Awareness is again stressing here that entities should appreciate the value of the Cosmic Laws, but understand that some exist in their own frame of reference, describing principles which may not actually be eternal in nature. It is up to each of you to determine and discern for yourself exactly what impact these Laws and Principles will have on your life, and the life of your loved ones.

Cosmic Awareness recently spoke about what It saw as the major purpose of this collection of Cosmic Laws:

"It is seen that the purpose of this material is not to present a work of art, of literary art, but to present concepts that will stimulate thought, that will stimulate introspection and discernment in the mind of the reader, so that the reader can mull over and consider concepts and ideas presented here, that may apply to his of her particular situation."

"This Awareness indicates that most of these Cosmic Laws will have some application to most of the situations that entities find themselves involved in, which need answers. The nature of Cosmic Laws is that they can applied to many different personal unique situations, and provide information that can help entities to find answers. This Awareness indicates that if this work does that, then it has done what it is intended to do."

So indeed the purpose of this work is to inspire you to look at life in a new way and to help some of the more uncertain times in your life, wherein you need answers to help provide some inspiration. It is not the intention of the publishers of this material to have these Laws, Principles and Precepts to be viewed as some kind of "ultimatum" from God. It is the sincere hope of the publishers of this work that you will be open to viewing life in a new way, in which you place the "welfare, concern, and feelings of others" on the highest level possible, in order to relieve some of the "suffering, sorrow, and tragedy" in our world, that keeps our existence from being the best it can be.

Most of the excerpts included in this work were extracted from back-issues of the Revelations of Awareness newsletters. These newsletters have been published on a bimonthly bases since 1977 by Cosmic Awareness Communications (P.O. Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507-U.S.A.).

Cosmic Awareness does not wish to be blocked from releasing new Cosmic Laws just because this book has been written. It has mentioned that there is no limit to the amount of Laws that exist, and that it reserves the right to release new Laws in the future if the need arises. Just the same, those publishing this material also wish to reserve the right to release periodic addition to the material because new information is continually being uncovered in regard to the Cosmic Laws.

So please remember, the relationship you have with this work will be entirely your own. Different people will each learn something different from this work. There will be no condemnation on our part, of those who do not agree with portions of this material, or those who do not take it to heart. Our only hope is that will allow yourself to become more open to learning, to become more open too becoming....Aware.

Larry Hansen
Akron, Ohio
July 07, 1991

The Nature of Cosmic Awareness

This Awareness does not have eyes, yet sees all things;

This Awareness does not have hands or fingers, yet touches all;

This Awareness does not have ears or nose, yet hears all things and senses all odors;

It is indicated that this Awareness does not have a mouth, yet knows the taste of all things;

It is indicated that this Awareness does not use the force of mind; does not have emotions, does not have that sense you understand as feelings; for all these things Awareness does not use.

It is indicated to all those who are ministers of this Awareness, that this Awareness has begun to teach you and you shall be taught well.

It is asked that you remember this message.

(77-09-02)-Ralph Duby, Trance-Interpreter.

Editor: You will quickly notice that as Awareness speaks, It uses a lot of: "This Awareness indicates" and "This Awareness suggests." It will only suggest a solution, a way out. We must take it from there, using our free will. It never states that these are dogmas or that you "have" to believe them. Awareness "indicates" or points out certain truths; In fact, Awareness tells us over and over that we do not have to "believe" anything. It says: for all words once spoken are dead. To be aware is to live and experience this moment, and what is occurring during that moment.

Another reason why Awareness uses these two phrases so often is because they act as a "bridge" between Awareness and the Interpreter, an energy flow which allows the symbols containing the message to flow and be interpreted with as little emotion or mind involved as possible.
(issue #1-instructions for Passing Over-Page 09)


Cosmic Laws may also be termed "Cosmic Principles"

This Awareness indicates that many entities in reading these Cosmic Laws have been so inhibited by federal laws, county laws, municipal laws, that many believe the word "law" means authority being placed on them. This Awareness indicates a "Law" is a principle. This Awareness suggests that the Cosmic Principles which this Awareness gives as those which are most beneficial in terms of following.

The Only Things in Life That Will NEVER Change Are These Cosmic Laws

This Awareness indicates that the rules which are truly cosmic are ever fixed and never changing. That entities who seek to break these rules will ever and always break themselves upon these rules.

The Cosmic Laws do not break and do not bend.

This Awareness indicates that entities may, however break or bend the rules that have been created by the condition known as "mind, and in so breaking may escape the game or change the nature of the game. This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity seeks to escape the game, escape the scene in which he or she is, to move from one play to another, from one scene to another, it is only necessary for that entity to find a law which is more general, which is of a higher nature, which is closer to the Cosmic Laws than those rules or laws which are regulating his or her particular game in which that entity finds himself entrapped. This Awareness suggests that you break the law by appealing to a higher law.

This Awareness indicates that the Law of Change is ever and always present in all things and nothing remains static forever.

This Awareness indicates the only thing that are unchanging are these Cosmic Laws. The Law of Change is one of these Cosmic Laws. In this particular meaning, change is ever and always present and cannot be stopped. This Awareness indicates that change is an unbreakable law.

Commit to the Cosmic Laws, Not the Worship of Cosmic Awareness

...This Awareness indicates that It has never asked entities to commit themselves to this Awareness. It has never asked entities to sacrifice themselves to this Awareness. This Awareness indicates that it will never ask you for such. This Awareness indicates however, that as entities consciousness begins to expand, as they become more aware, they begin to commit themselves to the principles which this Awareness presents; to the Cosmic Laws which this Awareness presents. This Awareness indicates that as entities become more aware, they become channels for this Awareness in their commitment to the principles which this Awareness presents.

This Awareness indicates that it is because of this ever-increasing commitment, not only of entities who have associated with the Cosmic Awareness Communications, but also with entities who in their own private lives, or in other disciplines, through other schools, these entities committing themselves to the principles which this Awareness described as Cosmic Laws; these entities, whether having before come in contact with this interpreter (Paul Shockley), having themselves tapped into the principles, the Universal Laws; these having committed themselves to these Laws, now bring forth a time wherein energies can change the face of this planet.

This Awareness indicates that it is through commitment that this occur. This Awareness indicates this not to be confused with loyalty. This Awareness asks entities to be aware that loyalty is but the other side of bondage. When one is loyal, one is in bondage. This Awareness indicates however, wherein one commits oneself to the principles of a high order, that commitment is that which is self-chosen, and which may be altered if the principles are seen to be false. This Awareness indicates that entities who in committing themselves to the Cosmic Laws, to Universal Laws; in such commitment entities are then capable of moving into high activity which is beyond the control of those who seek loyalties.

This Awareness indicates that in such commitments, it matters not whether groups are dispersed, whether groups are infiltrated, whether groups are put into retreats; it matters not whether groups continue as groups, for the commitment remains with the individual. This Awareness indicates that wherein there is such commitment, such individual will find each other and re-form groups, and in that collective activities will again bring forth creative activities.

Your Personal Integrity Begins With Your Attunement To These Laws

...This Awareness indicates: commit yourself first to being one with the universe; then from this, from your commitments according to those convictions within yourself as to that which is just, harmonious and balanced in all levels of relationship. This Awareness indicates the term "integrity" relates to the word "integration-to be integrated means to be balanced in all things. This Awareness indicates when an entity is balanced in all things, or when an entity knows what balances should feel like and can tune into that feeling, then the entity becomes in tune with the Universal Laws and need not know any other written law but the entity's relationship will have a basis for survival and growth and harmony in all levels.

Meditating Regularly on Each Law Brings Great Benefits

This Awareness indicates that entities may also find much value in studying the laws which has been given by this Awareness; that these may be sent to you. This Awareness suggests that you take each of these laws and spend approximately one or two weeks of meditation in your spare time, thinking about what is being said; really looking deeply at what is being said. This Awareness indicates in this manner you shall begin to discover levels of consciousness that few have ever glimpsed. This Awareness indicates by studying these laws you can open your consciousness to a level which is likened unto a college education to a second-grade education. This Awareness indicates that your wisdom shall expand tenfold by studying these laws with deep attention; that this is only the beginning.

"Real" Men and Women Are Those Who Follow the Cosmic Laws.

This Awareness indicates from the Awareness level of definition, a true man of woman is one who is in course, moving toward higher levels of awareness, expanding the consciousness and awareness levels of actions, of concepts, of feeling, of emotion, of sensitivities, following the laws which this Awareness has given: The Law of Love, The Law of Unity, and other laws which lift the entity into higher levels of awareness and bring about an integrity, an integration with the Universal energies and forces of harmony, peace, love and co-creation with the Divine Forces.

This Awareness indicates briefly, the true man or woman would be those who give upon their separate will, the will to be separate, and surrender themselves to the spiritual or Universal will, the Will of God.

Your Desires Can Be Achieved If They Are Aligned With The Cosmic Laws

This Awareness indicates that those concepts and messages which come to you (through the voices in your mind) which abide by the Universal Laws are those which are from a higher level; that any message which breaks the Universal Laws are of a lower order. This Awareness has given the Cosmic Laws: the Law of Love; The Law of One; the Law of Unity....these many laws have been given, and these laws are the standards which you may judge your actions, by which you may judge the messages that pass through your consciousness.

This Awareness indicates that your Higher Self gives you that which you desire, and if it is not in conflict with others, or with Universal Laws, you get more and more. If it is in conflict with Universal Law, or in conflict with others, the energies of others and the energies of the Cosmic Law will interfere with your acquirements and there will be a clash of obstacles in your path. Even though your energies may be great, the energies may stop you from acquiring what you seek, even with the assistance of your Guardian Angel, for the Guardian Angel, or that which is your Higher Self, is there to serve you, to give you what you want so long as it breaks no Universal Laws, so long as it does not run counter to the welfare of others.

...This Awareness indicates that the action of energizing, of giving energy to the Higher Self and trusting the Higher Self to abide by the Cosmic Laws and to do that which is right for you, and to give you that which you need for your purpose; this faith, along with the energizing ; the images, the desires, the prayers and the acceptance and willingness to accept whatever is given to you by the Higher Self,- "Thy Will Be Done"- this attitude and this approach is appropriate.

...This Awareness indicates that more and more entities have been learning fragments of metaphysical truths and have been misusing metaphysical principles and have been getting hurt and hurting others. This Awareness indicates that entities dabbling in occult concepts and ideas which do not recognize the Divine Principles, working solely with the subconscious and lower forces of images, of desires, of personal greed factors; those forces associated with the astral beings and astral plane, those entities dealing and working with these energies in an effort to acquire; these entities shall never find a sense of satisfaction,

...This Awareness indicates the only satisfaction, the only source of satisfaction, is in the Higher Self which requires that entities allow it to select for you what is needed, whereby you can put in your honor your request, or may determine that you need something else instead, for the Higher Self is all-wise and all-knowing and this Higher Self is capable of giving you that which you need, regardless of what you want.

....This Awareness indicates that the Higher Self, the Light Above, as that which is the guiding force available to every entity. It is not there simply to do your bidding, but it is there to guide you along the path and to keep you within the jurisdiction of the Cosmic Laws. This Awareness indicates that so long as you follow the path and remain within the jurisdiction of the Cosmic Laws, It will provide you that which you need, and if your lessons, these you will receive, and if you need reward and pleasure and sustenance, this you will receive.

....This Awareness indicates that the entity who learns his lesson quickly, the entities who learn their lessons quickly, are quick to receive rewards. Those who learn their lessons slowly may find rewards denied for some time until the lessons are learned. This Awareness indicates it behooves entities to consider the Higher Self to be their teacher, not simply a doting parent whose sole purpose is to stick a nipple in his or her mouth, every time the entity laments.

...This Awareness indicates that the universe does not work in this manner, regardless of whether entities want to object or not. This Awareness indicates that all mortals may, if they have so desire, go on strike against the Higher Self, against the Universal Laws, but it will avail nothing. This Awareness indicates however, it might be more interesting to watch these flounderings than to watch the flounderings of entities caught up in war, in greed, in violence and in pursuit of unworthy gratifications.

Living by Cosmic Laws Reduce Your Reliance On Society's Laws.

...This Awareness indicates wherein entities expect too much freedom , they shall find freedom being limited; wherein entities cannot handle excessive freedoms, they shall be cut off and walls shall be placed around those entities. This Awareness indicates that wherein entities become capable of responding to the sensitivity and to the needs of others so that they do not abuse their freedom, then these entities shall create their own walls around themselves, their own laws. Those who can live by the laws given by this Awareness, the Law of Love, the Law of Mercy, the Law of Gratitude, and others, shall find they have no need for any other laws and have no need for any forms of outside limitations, for their actions would never violate another anyway.

This Awareness suggests that the entity who seeks freedom can best begin by breaking down the definitions which he or she has put on himself or upon herself, for these are of your own making, and you are capable and free to change the definitions of yourself. This Awareness suggests that when you begin to break the laws, definitions, confinements which have been placed upon you by society, this must be done with deeper awareness than when you break break the laws which you yourself, have put on yourself.

This Awareness suggests that before entities begin to break the laws of society, there needs to be an understanding of those laws, so that the breaking of such a law is justified by greater laws. This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity attempts to break a law of society by a lesser law, such as wherein one decides to become a law of oneself and fight against society from the personal interest, or personal greed, or personal desire for revenge, this is not breaking the law of society by a greater law, but by a lesser law, then they shall indeed be broken themselves. This Awareness indicates that wherein entities break the laws of society by a greater law, a higher law, then society itself is that which undergoes change, and becomes broken by those higher laws.

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Judge Not

Be Humble

Never Do Anything Contrary to the Law of Love

Resist Not Evil

Do Nothing Contrary to the Law of Mercy

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