Danielle Lemaire



Amstelpark 13 Amsterdam. 1 april 2018 t/m 30 juni 2018

'Psychic Plant'  #tekening #conté en #acrylicpainting op #cansonmontval 30x40 cm 2018 

KOMT: ACTITUD / Apprentice Master expo #12 / EXPOPLU Nijmegen do 24 mei / zo 10 juni


Drawing Is Stepping Into A New Zone Where Time Does Not Get Lost




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Staging Stories, Kadmium, Prinsenkwartier Delft, januari - februari 2018


Installation Drawings & Paintings, Kapo, Kanazawa, Japan

JaDa show: Safe / Anzen @Kapo Kanazawa Japan 2017

This residency was made possible with kind support of the Mondriaan Fonds



Danielle Lemaire works in different media. She makes drawings, paintings, performances, soundworks, installations, sculptures, movies, books, records, CD's, cassettes at Inner Landscapes and she organizes exhibitions and live events. She is also a creative coach. In any medium under her hands she creates work in a concentrated sensitive manner, in which time investment / duration plays an important role. This time investment gives the work a layered quality and brings it 'to life'. It is substantial for the energy that the work contains in the end. A work should be strong and lasting. Works develop in an organic way. A The works are essential beings to have a clear dialogue with.

Danielle's drawings and paintings have subjects as an 'empty' interior in which human traces are tangible, shadows of human life, a dream; they can be inhabited by people that are in a conversation or listening activity together, often situated in a circle that seems to have connection with 'outer space'. The depicted scene seems to deal with energies we can not see with our naked eye.

Danielle often draws outspoken female elements, such as hair that functions as vessels for energy streaming. The depicted persons in her works can function as aerials, communicating with their close, personal surroundings and the Universe. Sometimes the figures appear as shadow or as a transparant presence. They can be ghosts, or they represent the longing for a life beyond the known, appearing as messagers from a mirror world, another 'home'.

She mostly works in different locations -anywhere in the world, but mostly in the Netherlands- that demands to think about the work in a new (social) context. Works can arise from a livingroom, a former bankbuilding, a seventeenth centrury house, a restaurant, a museum, a white box. She likes to investigate the surroundings of her work in these relations: what is the (hi)story behind the space? What is the meaning of the the works in relation to their surroundings?

Collaboration with others is also very challenging and makes sharp.
In setting up contexts for a show Danielle often works in a dynamic way, in a much quicker flow then when she works alone in her studio.

'Mijn Land Is Tussen Hemel en Aarde' Installatie in toko Rasasari, Arnhem.

Living / Giving Gelderland Biennale 2016


'Perfect Surroundings' The Apartment 2017

Mister Motley

Eindhovens Dagblad review by Anneke van Wolfswinkel 'Tekeningen met een Ziel'



JaDa 'Shadowplay' Bandung Indonesia 2012

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire + Common Room Networks Foundation + gallery Seni Ropi in Braga, Bandung




Portrait of a House - Levende Meesters 2015



Where There Is Ego It Spooks’ i.s.m. Museum Le Secet This Art Fair - Beurs van Berlage 2016



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Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire

JaDa artshow 'Translations' in Xiamen, China 2010

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my practice is supported by my friends, pupils, husband, family, collegues and the Mondriaan Foundation for which I am grateful.



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Opdracht gemeente Breda 2002