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Best Verzorgde Boeken 2020

Concept: Danielle Lemaire ism Stedelijk museum Breda en vormgever studio Jeremy Jansen
Essays: Dingeman Kuilman Adam Scovell Lieneke Hulshof Leonor Faber-Jonker
Druk: Tielen Boxtel

Uitgeverij: The Eriskay Connection

ISBN : 9789492051615


Danielle Lemaire makes drawings, paintings, photos, musical works, films, sound performances and installations.

In recent years she has mainly been making drawings with a narrative and spiritual character, that are presented in different contexts.
She also publishes books and audio releases, such as vinyl records and CDs, on her own label ‘Inner Landscapes’

In each medium her work is created in in a concentrated, sensitive and organic way, where the investment of time plays an important role. This gives the work a layered quality and brings it to life.
In Danielle's work, shadows of human life become tangible.

She delves into the rich history of a unique house, landscape or person.
Scenes depicted in her work seem to be in contact with energies that we cannot see with the naked eye. Natural forms and lines are recurring motifs; hairs that function as routes for energyflow, trees that line from bottom to top and vice versa and plants and flowers in bloom or decay.
The persons or natural elements in the drawings can function as antennas that communicate with the immediate environment and the universe. They also represent a desire for a parallel world, for a life outside of the known; a spirit that appears as a message from a mirror world, another 'home'.


William Morris's Albion, 50 x 65 cm. 2020


Preparing solo exhibition'You Know I Am No There' at Stedelijk Museum Breda





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1 maart t/m 1 mei 2021 JaDa artist-in-residence AIR De Missie, Park Zuiderhout




OUT NOW: publicatie Audio Leporello 'Tout n'est-ce que reve'


Twee vinyl singles in gatefold + leporello. Inner Landscapes 2021

Vormgeving: Alfred Boland Druk: Tielen, Boxtel

Vinyl Singles+ gatefold: Monotype Pressings, Warschau


Vincent van Gogh Huis, Zundert

PRESENTATIE LATE SUMMER 2021 @ Vincent van Gogh Huis


******* Tekeningen/ installatie Gelderland Biennale 2016: MIJN LAND IS TUSSEN HEMEL EN AARDE

*******Tekeningen / installatie KAPO Kanazawa 2017: SAFE ANZEN

*******Tekeningen / installatie sichting Levende Meesters Dordrecht 2015: PORTRAIT OF A HOUSE



******* JaDa in Kanazawa Japan 2017

******** 'Elvis has left the building' Kunstloc Brabant, Tilburg 2019


Essay by Julia Fidder - Studio Encounter Danielle Lemaire - SEA Foundation


****Nieuwe Aanwinsten, Collectie Vincent van Gogh Huis, Zundert




'Enough Time, Enough Space'

Voor € 25,00 inclusief BTW inclusief porto inclusief goede verpakking kun je mijn boek bestellen via daniellelemairestudio apestaart gmail punt com. ❤️
Wordt binnen 1 dag na betaling verstuurd.







'Respiration'12' vinyl LP Danielle Lemaire
radical album based on layered homey songs and electronic soundworks resulted from a stay in the WORM studio; eldorado of analogue synthesizers from the Centre of Electronic Music.
vinyl 300 grams, artwork printed at Knust Press. edition of 150.




risostenciled book

'Sharing Space With Nick Drake' and 10" record "A Black Bird Flew Up"







AIR en expositie Huis Vincent van Gogh, Zundert, okt-dec 2019



september 2019: Exhibition 'Sharing Space With Nick Drake' Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Thrapson, Northamptonshire, UK



TEKENINGEN/DRAWINGS-under constructionnnnnnn



Inner Landscapes limited editions -verouderde pagina, Etsy winkel https://www.etsy.com/nl/shop/DanielleLemaireShop



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