JaDa exhibition Safe/Anzen @Kapo Kanazawa Japan, oktober 2017

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire


The building of and the space on the groundfloor of Kapo used to be a bank around the 1970's. Panorama overview Safe/Anzen


Flyer. design: Asuna Arashi and Asako Imazato

review Yushifumi Tanaka


Article in the Kanazawa newspaper, 2 oktober 2017


Visitors on one of the last days, a.m. with Yumiko Nonaka, curator at 21st Century museum of Contemporary Art.


Mama Green and Seijro Kuoda from cafe Yusurago in Kyoto did the catering at the opening


Asuna Arashi explains more about the labels Inner Landscapes and COSMIC VOLUME


Border area JaDa


Border area JaDa


JaDa performance lecture

Opening night, october 7, 2017


Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen, Masahiro Saito (Kapo, 21st Century Museum Contemporary Art), SECCA design studio and Urushi master Akihito Kyose, discussing the making of the urushi works of Jan.

Urushi disc Jan


The making of the special and delicate washi paper with gold leaf, by Mayumi Ichikawa

Drawing Danielle


Danielle at work. Jan at work.


Danielle and Jan and Hiroko Yamakawa, art collectioner, the Lassie collection


performance Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen

performance Danielle Lemaire